Our Mission

The SBS mission is a simple one: To showcase and celebrate small business owners and their stories by highlighting the challenges, hurdles, failures and triumphs that go hand in hand with building a business. By sharing these stories, we hope we can inspire, empower, and motivate all you aspiring entrepreneurs out there… and maybe be a small part of your journey as a successful small business owner.

  • Get Seen

    Put a spotlight on you and your business and let our huge network of business owners and consumers see what you have to offer.

  • Get Heard

    Share your story and experiences as a small business owner with other entrepreneurs.

  • Inspire Others

    Show other business owners like you that if you can do it, so can they! A few kind words can go a long way.

  • Grow Our Community

    As small business owners, we’re all in this together. Help us grow and inspire!